The Sense of Things

William Forsythe, 2021
1949, New York, NY (US) – Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Church bells, triangels, belfries, subwoofer

Dramaturge: Emma McCormick-Goodhart
Producer: Julian Gabriel Richter
Programming: Sven Thöne

In cooperation with Kunsthaus Zurich

The Sense of Things presents a “perceptual geography,” a dramaturgy
of tones, across rooms and passageways in David Chipperfield’s
new extension for Kunsthaus Zürich, which Forsythe’s intervention is
the first to inhabit. The installation invites an investigative parcours
of “sound-joined rooms,” whose echolocative connective tissue is
vibration—in turns audible and felt—tuned in compositional cycles
of confluence and counterpoint, scored by Forsythe, in congruence
with his choreographic practice.