Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time 3

William Forsythe, 2015
1949, New York, NY (US) – Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Plumb bobs, string, compressed air cylinders
Dimensions variable

Courtesy of the artist
In the collection of MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt

Producer: Julian Gabriel Richter

Technical Conception & Realisation: Max Schubert
Construction & Control: Christian Schubert
Programming: Sven Thöne

October 16. 2015, MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt
Boston, ICA, 2018
Besancon, FRAC, 2021
Kortrijk, Triennale, 2021
Ljubljana, Cukrarna Gallery, 2022
Lisbon, Champalimaud Foundation, 2022

In this third version of the work each of the pendulums can be separately controlled. The interactive installation consists of sixty plumbs hanging on strings and moving in the space of the room. Choreographed by Forsythe, the movement of the weights is programmed in such a way as to produce a kinetic and acoustic counterpoint that divides the room into many unpredictable, changing parts. Filled with unpredictable complexity, the space addresses the state of the visitors’ perceptions and reflexes and leads them into a light and surprising choreography of perpetual avoidance.