high quality replica watches William Forsythe Choreographic Objects: Solo Exhibitions

Black Flags

Installation & Video

Exhibition period:
November 26., 2014 - January 11., 2015


In the ‘white cube’ of the Kunsthalle in the Lipsiusbau, two industrial robots wave enormous black flags. Accompanied by the operating noise of the robots, their continuous movements leave spectators without a place to rest their gaze, removing any steady reference point in the space. The waving flags translate the digital algorithm that controls the robots into a series of gestural movements in space that appear controlled, unpredictable, weightless, and measured at one and the same time.

Also on display, besides the installation in the large hall, are two video works by Forsythe. “Bookmaking” (2008) has been re-edited for the purposes of this exhibition. A wall of monitors features film sequences, cut in rapid succession, that show Forsythe as he tries to print a book with his own body.

In the latest video work by William Forsythe, we see strawberries being immersed over and over by a jet of water. In contrast to the recognizable choreographic positions in the other two works, this video piece depicts a clearly defined organization instigated by other means.